Default skin used by web interface (?)
Default set of css files used by web interface (?)
Default setting for bandwidth profile used by web interface (?)
Default language used by web interface (?)
Authenticate user logins to ZoneMinder (?)
What is used to authenticate ZoneMinder users (?)
Method used to relay authentication information (?)
Secret for encoding hashed authentication information (?)
Include IP addresses in the authentication hash (?)
The number of hours that an authentication hash is valid for. (?)
Allow login by authentication hash (?)
Enable csrf-magic library (?)
Enable ZoneMinder APIs (?)
Enable legacy API authentication (?)
Enable 3rd party Event Notification Server (?)
Add Google reCaptcha to login page (?)
Your recaptcha site-key (?)
Your recaptcha secret-key (?)
Allow Admin users to power off or restart the system from the ZoneMinder UI. (?)
The timezone that php should use. (?)
Delete only event database records for speed (?)
How often (in seconds) filters are reloaded in zmfilter (?)
How often (in seconds) to run automatic saved filters (?)
Maximum delay (in seconds) for daemon restart attempts. (?)
How often to update the database statistics (?)
How often to check the capture daemons have not locked up (?)
The maximum delay allowed since the last captured image (?)
Run zmaudit to check data consistency (?)
How often to check database and filesystem consistency (?)
The minimum age in seconds event data must be in order to be deleted. (?)
Support controllable (e.g. PTZ) cameras (?)
Interface external event triggers via socket or device files (?)
Check with for updated versions (?)
URI to report unsafe inline javascript violations to (?)
Send usage information to ZoneMinder (?)
Interval in seconds between telemetry updates. (?)
Proxy url if required to access (?)
Shared memory root key to use (?)
The maximum life of a COOKIE used when setting up PHP's session handler. (?)